is an energetic, passionate thought leader and game changer in the corporate leadership and training industry.  Her innovative ideas and unique approach towards building leaders in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, places her at the cutting edge of shifting the way CEO’s and Executives lead and relate to their teams.  Infusing her signature P4 Factor™ into the DNA of the companies and those they lead, is changing the way they do business.  The goal of the P4 Factor is simple; to promote people, produce passion, increase performance and drive profit.  Corporations are equipped to: share their visions more clearly, create a culture of excellence and increase staff collaboration, competency and confidence. 


Marquissa is no stranger to team building and developing effective leaders in the corporate and nonprofit sector.  She has held top positions in management in the Healthcare Industry for the past 17 years.  She has received awards and recognition for initiating the Leaders in Training program for major corporations.  This program engages team members and identifies upcoming talent, in order to expose them to tangible leadership training, workshops and presentations to tap into the leader within them, resulting in newfound confidence and abilities.  Marquissa loves challenging people to lead in places where they may otherwise feel inadequate, through information, appreciation, and the exploration of new ideas from staff on cross-functional levels, in order to foster value and connectivity. 


In addition to her corporate pursuits, she possesses an undeniable passion for teaching, developing leaders and empowering women. She is a Certified Biblical Counselor who has been counseling for several years with a concentrated focus on Women's Issues and Marriage and Family Counseling. In addition, Marquissa graduated with her Bachelors in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University, Diploma in Pastoral Studies from the Priscilla Institute at Palmer Theological Seminary. 

Marquissa is expanding her capacity in leadership development while pursuing her Masters in Theological Studies through Palmer Theological Seminary as she believes that Leadership development is not just for corporate settings, it is necessary for all settings including Faith Based Communities.

Regardless of the audience she is engaging, both her superiors and peers recognize her gifting in leadership, people development and team building.  She possesses an unquenchable desire for teaching others to be effective leaders and team players, dedicated to the corporations and entities they serve; with excellence, integrity, passion and performance. 

Marquissa Williams




Through the workshops and trainings Marquissa offers; both internal teams and C-Level Executives

are being equipped to embrace the “Together We Win” attitude that will set their corporations apart.