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For Faith-Based Organizations



Signature Workshop

C4 Principle™
Leading From the C.O.R.E.-Commitment. Objectivity. Responsibility. Enthusiasm.



This workshop is designed to inform basic principles of Christian Leadership as well as built on the 4 core components commitment, communication, competency, and community. Faith-based leaders and teams will learn the importance of working together, covenant building and how sharing a clear vision produces lasting results.  There are 2 versions of the course, one for 4 hours for small groups of 20 or less and extended course for 8 hrs of interactive training and materials for 20 or  more participants. The principles for this workshop are built on the 4 core components of commitment, objectivity, responsibility and enthusiasm.  


Workshop Highlights:



What A Covenant Is

What Covenant Does        

Covenant Types 
Covenant Components
The Benefits of Covenant
Understanding Covenant Power
Establishing Trust (employees and brand)
Developing high performing teams
Leadership Focus and development
Employee Engagement


Leading Authentically   
Getting Commitment from the Team 
Setting Clear Expectations


Team-Based Leadership 
Building & Strengthening Your Team 
External Collaborations & Resources 



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