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For Small Businesses & Corporations

Signature Workshop 

The P4 Factor™-People, Passion, Performance, Profit

Our signature workshop, The P4 Factor™ is based on the following tenent: promote people, produce passion, increase performance, and drive profit.  During this workshop, executives, managers and the teams they lead, will learn how the power of sharing a clear vision, sets the stage for effective team implementation and how investment in the teams that work for the corporation, can promote a productive and pleasant work environment, resulting in higher performance and an increase in profitability.

(Length: 8 hrs. Can be done over two days, based on the needs of the company.) 


Workshop Highlights:


Building the Right Team

Sharing the Value of Your Vision 

Leadership Lift-The Importance of Boosting Morale

Building Strong Leaders, That Build Strong Companies


Hiring the Right People

Right Questions Leads to Right Results
Looking Beneath the Surface
Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Hire Tough. Hire Smart.                   


The Performance Factor: Quality & Quantity Maintenance

Establishing Trust (Employees and Brand)
Developing High Performing Teams
Leadership Focus and Development
Employee Engagement


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