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Vision, Strategy, Execution, Impact


Our Solutions for Churches & Organizations 

Strategic Planning-Vision Execution-Leadership Growth-Team Development


How I Serve You

Marquissa is a passionate, thought leader and game changer in the corporate and non-profit leadership and training industry.  Read more...

Schedule an individual or corporate consultation for your company or organization and discover how we can help develop your team's leadership and increase performance and growth.  

We provide the following: Workshops, Leadership Training, Team Building, Soft Skills Training & Key Note Presentations for your events. Read more...


What We Do...



Small-medium sized churches and organizations will benefit from our hands-on consulting that aids in assessing current needs, identifying operational and communication gaps, that may be stunting its growth or the leaders within. We work to strengthen key leaders, and build stronger teams. Thus, improving the overall health of the organization.



Coaching services are designed to partner with our clients as they process how to fully execute
their vision. These sessions are for individuals who need guidance with creating a strategic plan that will help them move from concept to full execution of their vision.
This service is ideal for individuals,small business owners and faith based leaders.



Training sessions are offered for  leadership development.  Churches and organizations will benefit through participating in various team exercises that will enhance communication, build camaraderie and equip leaders to lead effectively.
Training is available for all levels of leadership within organizations and congregations.



Marquissa is an Author, Executive Pastor, Church Consultant,Counselor, 

Certified Life Coach, Speaker & Corporate Leader.
She is a passionate speaker, enlightening audiences with her thought provoking and interactive approach.

She's available to speak at organizations for marketplace and faith-based communities who are seeking to be uplifted and empowered.

Growing Your Vision, Fulfills Our Mission

Schedule Your Discovery Session:


Are you ready to work with me one on one or ready to inspire your teams to reach their full potential in leading, communicating and performance, through my signature workshops and training?  Contact me today.  Let's go to work! 

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